Application-based portable CTG innovation to monitor fetal well-being

Portable CTG that can be used by midwives and doctors in both rural as well as urban area to provide a high quality of maternal health services.
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The Importance of CTG

A normal heartrate is between 110-160 beats per minute (bpm).

CTG or cardiotocography examination is important to detect fetal heartrate abnormalities that signals fetal distress.

Fetal distress condition is diagnosed as one of peripartum emergencies that requires immediate and accurate treatment and decision making.

TeleCTG Benefits

Midwives could easily carry it while conducting home visit.
Fast & Accurate
Fetal wellbeing determination can assist midwives in evidence-based decision making.
Easy Access
Can be access through Bidan Sehati apps that can be downloaded from Play Store for free.
Quality Service
Provide a better quality of services that also improve facilities reputation.
Doctor Consultation
Midwives can be connected to Obgyns at our Consultation Center to receive interpretation and recommendation.
Swift data collection and management.
Midwives will receive free training.
Easily transfer from one unit to another.
More affordable than conventional CTG.
Easy Access
Can be easily accessed from mobile apps or web apps.
Cardiotocography graph can be seen directly from the apps screen.
Doctor's Response
Examination result can be easily delivered to Obgyns for interpretation and recommendation.
Examination data can be stored safely in server or health facilities' data centre.
Shared Access
Can be accessed by multiple users.
Quality Service
Enable facilities to provide higher quality services to patients and improves facilities' reputation.
Portable CTG Innovation, Made in Indonesia


Licenses & Certificates

Certificate no. AKD 21101910418
License no. IEC60601
License no. ISO13845
Ecatalogue no. 4812102009-AK1-000888295


Testimonials from TeleCTG users throughout Indonesia

The use of TeleCTG is very helpful for patients who are pregnant or going into labor. With TeleCTG, emergencies are quickly detected and promptly referred.

Dini Octavia, Amd. Keb, ST, MM
Superintendent of Utama Anny Rahardjo Clinic

We used to feel like we're alone, because there were only two obstetricians here. After SehatiTeleCTG, we felt we were not alone anymore. Moreover, Bidan Sehati application with TeleCTG can help us in detecting risk factors, and in the end help in lowering maternal mortality, low birth weight, and stunting rate.

Mariana A. Sailana, S.Tr.Keb.
District Health Office at Kupang Regency

After our Health Centre uses TeleCTG, fetal wellbeing of our patients can be detected early to prevent fatality. Its small size makes it more portable and practical.

H. Tarmudi, SKM,
Head of Margadadi Health Centre, Indramayu, Jawa Barat
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