Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy establishes the handling of the User's personal data on the Sehati TeleCTG site

Link to other sites

Please note that on our site there are several links to other sites that are provided for the convenience of users of the Sehati TeleCTG site. However, we are not responsible for the policies for handling personal information on these sites. This policy only applies to the Sehati TeleCTG website or is linked to other sites that are still under the control and maintenance of Sehati TeleCTG, including (,, Bidan Sehati Application, Sehati Mother Application, Board Sehati (Web applications), Query center (Web applications), TeleCTG applications, TeleCTG dashboard (Web applications) and Super TeleCTG administration board (Web applications) We recommend that all users of the Sehati TeleCTG site always view and learn the Policies for handling personal information on these sites before providing personal information.

The information that TeleCTG is taken from the user

The information we collect from users is divided into two categories: 1) personal data that users voluntarily provide when entering the service "schedule a demonstration" on our site, by registering the name, email address, telephone number from the user and the company, to follow a series of steps to schedule a demonstration of the Sehati TeleCTG product 2) tracking information collected when a User navigates on our site.

Promotions and special events

Sehati TeleCTG often receives information about various promotions and special events that sponsors or partners can perform. For this reason, Sehati TeleCTG also offers each user who wishes to be invited to these events to provide the information that the organizer requires and that will be indicated at the time of collection.


The information available on this site is limited to general information about company profiles and Sehati TeleCTG products (Bidan Sehati Application, TeleCTG, Ibu Sehati Application, Sehati Board and Query Center). We always try to provide the most up-to-date, easy, fast and reliable service through our products that will be used, the information about the services we perform is found on the Sehati TeleCTG website, whose objective is to obtain the results when we use the product.

Through this site, users cannot link to other sites that are not under the auspices of Sehati TeleCTG. We will not be responsible for the origin, content and availability of these sites. The attached links are not a form of recommendation or support for the understanding and opinions of these sites.

We are not responsible for losses or damages, including, but not limited to, indirect or consequential losses / damages, or damages / losses of any kind, for the loss of data or profits derived from the use of or related to this site.

We will continue to strive to keep this site working properly. However, we will not be responsible for problems that occur when the site cannot be used temporarily due to technical problems beyond our responsibility or authority.

Correction policy

“Sehati TeleCTG has the right to correct or clarify the original content on the Sehati TeleCTG website if necessary, at any time, without the obligation to notify any party. These changes, as appropriate, will not affect the intent and purpose of the information that has been sent to the User.

If there are corrections or clarifications made by us, to the extent possible, we will record these corrections and clarifications on this page for 60 calendar days after corrections or clarifications have been made, attaching reasonable information or references. This correction and clarification policy only applies to Sehati TeleCTG sites.

If this user makes corrections or clarifications on the content of our site, inform us by sending an email to our Customer Service using the "Contact Us" link available at the bottom of this site.

Cookies and other technologies

When a user visits our website, we will collect information in the form of “cookies” on the user's computer, which allows us to know when a user visits our site in the future. A cookie is data stored on a User's computer that is related to information about that User. Sehati TeleCTG uses a session ID cookie, which is automatically stored in the system for approximately 30 calendar days. Cookies are also used for session management on the Sehati TeleCTG website. Users must enable cookies to use the Sehati TeleCTG website.

IP address

Sehati TeleCTG stores the IP address (Internet Protocol), or the location of the User's computer on the Internet, for system administration and troubleshooting. We use the IP address in an integrated (aggregate) way to find out the locations that access the Sehati TeleCTG site.

Log files

Registration data is only used in aggregate (general) form to analyze our use of the web.

Use of the information
Sehati TeleCTG products and services

Sehati TeleCTG will provide Users with varied information, offers of products and services related to the health of pregnant women who participate in the examination of our products through the TelecTG tool connected to the Bidan Sehati application and read by the consultation center "Doctor Obgyn."

Newsletter by email

Sehati TeleCTG will periodically send email newsletters or promotions about the development of product services and notifications about the user's inspection program.

Email address management policy

We will not share, sell, rent, exchange or authorize third parties with respect to the personal data of the Users without the consent of the User. If the user feels that he received an email from us due to an error, please contact, that is, through the email address associated with the account, the service and the product. Sehati TeleCTG has the right to send emails to the User regarding the status of the User's account. This includes reservation confirmations, renewal / expiration notices, notices of problems with the payment method, other transactional emails and notices of integral changes on our website and / or our Privacy Policy.

Promotional email: Sehati TeleCTG will routinely send emails that offer products and services, or programs related to options that may be of interest to the User. Users may choose not to receive these messages in the future (1) by following the “unsubscribe” instructions located at the bottom of each email, or (2) The user chooses not to receive emails of this type. Routinely, Sehati TeleCTG receives email addresses from third parties to use as promotional emails. Users may choose not to receive these messages in the future (1) by following the “unsubscribe” instructions located at the bottom of each email, or (2) The user chooses not to receive emails of this type.

User email: if the user sends an email to Sehati TeleCTG, the user must understand if the information contained in the email is insecure or encrypted, so it could be visible to other parties. We recommend that users be very careful when sending to include personal or confidential information in emails. Sehati TeleCTG will use the User's email address to provide immediate responses to the User's comments or questions.

Share information with third parties
Sehati TeleCTG

If the User has registered and used the product in the services of our site, Sehati TeleCTG will not sell, rent, exchange or authorize third parties that do not undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the user's health / personal interpretation data. However, we will provide information on the results of the interpretations recorded in our products for the benefit of the Users and the approval of the User through notifications that must be clicked.

We are contracted with several other institutions to be able to provide accurate results and provide various services that enrich the User experience when using Sehati TeleCTG products, including health agencies (IBI, Community Health Center, hospitals [consultation centers]) that have their own code of ethics and it is forbidden to misuse the data obtained in addition to the services related to Sehati TeleCTG, and they are not allowed to share or resell the data to any of the parties.

Protection and security of information

Data security: there is always a risk that an unwanted third party will successfully enter our security system or transmit user information over the Internet. To prevent access to data by unauthorized persons, maintain the accuracy of the data and ensure the proper use of information, Sehati TeleCTG is committed to maintaining that security through the use of physical, electronic and administrative procedures to protect the information. We collect online and encrypt the transmission of information or use our technology.

Compliance with the legal process

Sehati TeleCTG may send personal information if required by law or believe that the step is necessary to (1) comply with the law or judicial process; (2) protect and defend our copyright and property rights; (3) protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website; or (4) protect the personal or property security of Our Users or the public (even in the event that Users provide false information or pretend to be another person, information about Users that we can send as part of an investigation of the actions of the User).

Other information

This Privacy Policy may be changed or added at any time. Any changes will be shown on this page. If Sehati TeleCTG makes a very significant change or a change of material, using the User's personal data, the changes will be shown at least 30 calendar days before they take effect and registered users will be notified by email.

Approval of this policy

By using this site, this indicates that the User agrees with this policy. If the user does not agree with the Sehati TeleCTG usage policy, do not use this site. The changes on this site refer to what was indicated above.

If the user has more questions about the use policy of this site, contact us at:

Zetta Sehati Nusantara
Golden Plaza Fatmawati , Blok A No. 18
Jl. RS Fatmawati No.15
Gandaria Selatan, Kec. Cilandak,
Jakarta Selatan, 12420
(021) 75917916